Indoor Show Criteria

Musical Arts Conference

Indoor Show Criteria

This page is created to better explain the indoor show scoring philosophy to clear up and confusion. Let me begin by saying that hosting, and performing in an indoor show is not an easy task. Let's face it, the gym holds a lot less people than the bleachers would at a football field. Trying to cram everyone's equipment onto a regulation basketball court alone is reason for anxiety.

Luckily MAC was prepared for this when the by-laws were drafted. If the sponsor decides to move a show inside there is no visual score what so ever. Only the three music judges score the show within their captions. Seeing how music is 60% of the entire score it would be impossible to give a fair score when the scale is up to 100 points.

The music judges do their work and give a music score in three captions. That total music score is then fit onto a scale making 60 the highest number and the rating is given based on where that number falls.

Scores are announced in appearance order and there is NO ranking.